Order Take Out

Online ordering coming soon, in the meantime please call us at 518-450-7094 or email for pick up and delivery orders.
Take-Out and Delivery


How it works:
Call 518-450-7094 or email to place your order for on-demand pickup and delivery.



Solevo Direct Questions and Answers:


What is available?
– the full Solevo dinner menu plus family style meals, beer, wine and cocktails, pantry items, merch, gift cards and more!


How long does it take?
– most orders are available for pickup in 20-30 minutes and delivery in 30-40 minutes, but you can feel free to order further in advance if that works for you!


What is the delivery range?
– Solevo Direct services all addresses within a 15 minute drive from the restaurant.  Want to know if you’re in range?  Enter 55 Phila Street into your maps app- if there is a route 15 min or less, you’re good!  We will increase delivery range for larger orders- just call or email to inquire.


Are there any fees?
– No! Fees! Ever! Please note that gratuity is not included, and 100% of tips will go directly to our staff.